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  • Preparedness Matters Disaster Consulting

    Creative Solutions for Clients Worldwide 

    Specializing in Corporate, Public Sector, Non-Government, Faith Community, Tribal, and Small Business Solutions.

  • About Us

    We always strive for excellence.


    We value relationships, and our independence allows us to seek the best partners to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Our philosophy is that every project must start with the end in mind. Resilience is not a destination unto itself. We help you realize your vision with three things in mind... flexibility, sustainability, and accountability.


    We 're not your typical consulting company. Our vast hands-on experience in every facet of emergency management gives us a unique perspective of the important challenges faced by small business, corporate, government, and non-government organizations.


    We recognize that the disaster industry is a complex, multifaceted business. Nobody has all the answers, but our national network of partners brings top experts in every area of business and community resilience to solve problems. Our partnerships give you an advantage when creativity and competence can make a difference between the success or failure of your business resilience efforts.

  • Experience Matters

    Whatever sector you're in, public, corporate, or non-government....

    we can help you live prepared.


    Years Disaster Experience


    FEMA Disaster Deployments


    Emergency Plans Written

    24 years

    Corporate Experience


    EOC Operations Managed


    Fortune 50 Disaster Programs


    Years U.S. Military Service


    Preferred Employer Organization


    Regional Catastrophic Plans Developed


    Books Published


    Workshops & Seminars


    Exercises Designed

  • Consulting Services

    We appreciate the unique needs of each client and design solutions that fit your organization's culture and budget.

    Corporate Preparedness

    Consulting & Program Management

    • Comprehensive Emergency Assessment 
    • Emergency Volunteers
    • Employee & Family Preparedness 
    • Workplace Violence & Active Intruder 
    • Access & Functional Needs 
    • After-action Reporting & Improvement Planning

    Emergency Planning

    Review & Assessment of Existing Plans

    • Business Continuity & Disaster Response 
    • Emergency Resource Management 
    • Vulnerability/Risk  Assessment
    • Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) 
    • Incident Command 
    • Emergency Operations Center

    Crisis Training & Exercises

    Homeland Security (HSEEP) Compliant

    • Exercise design and evaluation
    • Evacuation and Shelter-in-place 
    • Crisis Management Team training
    • Multi-year training and exercise program
    • Corporate Emergency Response Team development

    Underserved Populations

    At-Risk Community Programs

    • Senior P.R.E.P
    • Tribal and Native Community 
    • Faith-Community 
    • Youth and Schools
    • Access and Functional Needs (Disabilities)
  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Vince Davis

    Founder/President Preparedness Matters Disaster Consulting

    • Certified Emergency Manager (IAEM)
    • FEMA Master Continuity Practitioner
    • Advisor - Domestic Preparedness Journal
    • Chair - IAEM Children's Caucus
    • Author - Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook
    • Member - Regional Catastrophic Planning Team Citizen Preparedness Committee 
    • Emergency Solutions Consultant - Ready America


    • Illinois National Guard Public Affairs Supervisor (Retired)
    • FEMA Community Relations Mgr.
    • American Red Cross - Regional Preparedness Mgr.
    • SAIC (Leidos) Senior Emergency Mgt. Consultant
    • Walgreens - Corporate Response & Program Mgr.
    • Sony - Corporate Emergency Preparedness Mgr.

    Kenneth Bibbins

    Managing Partner - Technology Solutions

    • Creator - PrepBiz Game-Based Trauma Informed Solutions
    • CEO PrepWorld, LLC
    • Former CEO KRB Associates, LLC
    • Tulane University School of Public Health
    • Co-Author - The Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook
    • Author Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let's Talk! (2000)
    • Speaker, Lecturer - Trauma Informed Solutions Expert

    Sean Scott

    Special Consultant - Recovery Programs

    • Thirty-seven years in the Restoration & Recovery Industry
    • Author - The Red Guide To Disaster Recovery
    • CEO - Heritage Publishing & Communications
    • Former President - Champion Construction & Consulting
    • Co-Author The Native Family Disaster Preparedness Guide
    • Speaker, Lecturer, Recovery Expert
  • Trauma Informed Solutions

    Preparing Children for Disaster Trauma With Technology Based Solutions

    We Care About Kids

    Trauma Informed Learning

    Using Game-Based technology, PrepBiz teaches children appropriate responses to disasters and emergencies. We make it fun, non-violent, and challenging, so kids are less vulnerable when faced with real-life traumatic events. For more information visit the PrepBiz website at http://www.prepworld.org or call Kenneth Bibbins at 504-405-1580.

    We're Always Listening

    We work with the "Whole Community"

    We customize solutions to solve problems and remove barriers to preparedness for access and functional needs, children, seniors, people below poverty, limited English speakers, and other underserved populations that face additional preparedness challenges.

  • Books

    Get your book today!

  • Current Projects

    Here are just a few of our activities

    Preparing Native America

    Empowering Native Communities With Educational Tools

    We teamed with key stakeholders from Native Public Media and National Tribal Emergency Management Council to develop the Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook for Native-American and Alaska Native Tribes. The guide provides valuable information relevant to Native communities, and is scheduled for release in May 2017. Visit our website at www.thenativefamilydisasterhandbook.com to find out more.



    Disaster Supply Consulting

    Preparedness Supply Solutions

    Emergency management is more than response, training, and exercises. Having the right supplies and equipment to prepare your staff and stakeholders is the final link to readiness. As Emergency Supply & Consulting Solutions partner for Ready America, we can help. Contact Us and we'll find the best solutions to fit your needs. www.readyamerica.com

    Or email vince@readyamerica.com for a free, consultation.


    Preparing Senior Citizens

    Veterans/Senior Preparedness Pilot

    We're teaming with Veteran's groups to provide emergency training and Veteran led preparedness teams for senior citizen's. The program will provide on site training workshops to show seniors how to shelter-in-place, and what to do in an emergency. A pilot program is being planned for 2017.

    Preparing for Recovery

    Get The Right Information Before You Need It

    The Red Guide To Disaster Recovery-Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors is a roadmap for how people can avoid being victimized by the many unforeseen challenges and pitfalls that present themselves in the aftermath of disasters. The book is a must have for any homeowner, and is applicable to both major disasters and routine emergency situations. Written by recovery expert Sean Scott, who has worked for nearly four decades in the home restoration industry, you'll learn life saving and money saving tips that will help you become a survivor rather than a victim. Visit www.theredguidetorecovery.com for more information.