Vince Davis is the leading disaster preparedness expert on corporate workplace resiliency planning. He has developed successful environments for Fortune 100 companies and can do the same for your business or organization.

  • Books

    We've got some top notch disaster resources to help families and communities.

    Lost and Turned Out

    Published 2012 - Amazon

    A compelling account of the risks and dangers facing underserved communities in disasters and empowering disaster literacy information.

    Native Disaster Preparedness

    Published 2017 - Heritage Publishing

    A comprehensive guide to help Native communities navigate the complexities of the disaster process.

    Black Community Preparedness

    Coming Early 2021 - Amazon

    Explores the history of disparities in the outcomes for black communities in disaster, and what we can do to become better prepared.


    We cover a number of timely topics relevant to the public and emergency managers through provocative discussion, with thought leaders. You won't want to miss it.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    As emergency managers, preparedness is part of our roles as defined in the National Response...
  • Products & Programs

    Native American, Black Community, and Corporate Community -- Preparedness Matters has proven solutions

    Corporate Community

    Workplace Resiliency Assessment Tool

    Is your company's disaster plan complete, measurable, and sustainable? Does your business continuity program account for employees, their families, and the community, or just your business processes? Our Workplace Resiliency Action Plan (WRAP) will assess and evaluate all current processes, programs, and emergency procedures, and provide expert recommendations for improving your organization's resilience. This planning process was developed at Walgreens, perfected at Sony, and deployed at Amazon's corporate headquarters in Seattle.

    Native Community

    Disaster Workshop Toolkit

    Native Americans are the least likely to survive disasters impacting tribal communities. This complete, train-the-trainer workshop curriculum, video, books and materials was designed by Native stakeholders. This powerful package will prepare the tribal lay person to organize and conduct effective community disaster education.

    Black Community

    Disaster Literacy Services

    Black communities have borne the brunt of disaster deaths, injuries, and displacements throughout history. Socioeconomic factors, discrimination, and failed policies in the disaster community contribute to the cycle of disparities in outcomes. Learn what we need to do to close the gap and make disaster survival a priority for black Americans.

  • Consulting Services

    Community Preparedness Advocacy

    Whether designing corporate frameworks, teams, or community preparedness plans, Vincent Davis has built a solid reputation for achieving results for a discerning, disaster clientele. Working with neighborhood and community partners requires an experienced consultant that 'listens' more than they talk. Cookie-cutter plans don't hold up to scrutiny when real-world events and real people have to execute them under duress.


    Our seasoned professionals understand that a good plan is flexible, sustainable, accountable, and comprehensive. We solve problems while others write pretty words. The work we've don with regard to Native American community preparedness


    All-in Corporate Solutions

    No disaster plan will be impactful without input that makes it work within the client's unique stakeholder culture. We don't create plans, we create culturally effective pathways to achieve and sustain resilient communities. Whether that's feasible will depend on our client's desires, norms, challenges, and expectations. We focus on structures that work for and with existing community infrastructures, departments, budgets, and goals. Our Workplace Resiliency Action Plan has worked for companies like Walgreens, Sony, and Amazon. Let us help make it work for you.

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