I pursue passions not paychecks.

    Every year, disasters cause devastation to families and communities. If you have personally never been affected by a disaster, chances are you will. Eighty percent of Americans live in areas that have experienced major natural disasters since 2007.


    My career in emergency management has been an incredible journey. I've been blessed to work with some of the best professionals in the industry, learning and collaborating to transform organizations and preparing communities. Throughout my career I have developed lifelong friendships, establishing an outstanding network of disaster experts with decades of experience that can work on any aspect of resiliency planning.


    My awesome family has supported and encouraged me through all the ups and downs. I believe our work as emergency managers is a special calling that transcends our personal pursuits, fueled by a deeper desire to make a difference and to save lives and reduce suffering for people in disasters. Only after we have done all we can to prepare can we then leave the outcome to the Creator.


    Vince Davis



    I've worked for.....

    Corporate Manager

    Workplace Resiliency

    Developing a disaster resilient culture at the one of the world's fastest growing companies, caring for the needs of employees to be prepared so we can continue to serve our customers.

    Senior Emergency Manager

    Network Entertainment

    Sony is a global leader in entertainment. I developed disaster response and business resiliency programs for the company's North America corporate locations.

    Preparedness and Response Manager

    Asset Protection and Business Continuity

    Design emergency preparedness, response, and business continuity framework for the worlds largest retail pharmacy chain's 8,600 stores, distribution facilities, and corporate centers in the U.S.

    Senior Consultant

    Asset Protection and Business Continuity

    Project lead for development of the Regional Catastrophic Incident Coordination Plan for FEMA, planning for evacuation and mass care of citizens in 16 counties in the Chicagoland area following a major disaster.

    Regional Preparedness Manager

    Greater Chicago Chapter

    Spearheaded capacity building initiatives for shelter site, public private partnerships, and community management. Conducted research and developed the Regional Emergency Preparedness Report for the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Go-To-2040 community resiliency effort.

    External Affairs Manager

    Greater Chicago Chapter

    Organized, trained and led field teams on community relations deployments for 11 Presidential disasters. Managed external affairs, public information and agency events and initiatives as a member of Region V Administrator staff.

    Public Affairs Specialist

    Sate Area Command

    After 4 -years active duty in the U.S. Air Force, I served 19 years in the Illinois Air and Army National Guard. There I developed relationships with media representatives, maintained a robust community relations program. Served as public spokesperson for Guard units during military events and incidents statewide. Retired (E-7) with honors.


    Diversity and Inclusion

    Ensuring social equity in the continuum of disasters

    Today, less than 7% of directors in our profession are people of color, and a larger percentage (29%) are women. To achieve a culture of preparedness the emergency management profession must be more representative of the communities we serve. This “diversity gap” in emergency management leads to inequities in administering disaster relief programs, and further despair for underserved populations that are already struggling to cope. We support the work of I-DIEM.

    FEMA Region X Administrator Michael O'Hare

    National Emergency Management Advanced Academy Graduate

    Supporting Current and Future EM Leaders

    As part of my professional development, I was privileged to attend the NEMAA Cohort at FEMA Region X. The experience brought me together with my peers from government, private industry, public health and the military. We learned a great deal about leadership, ourselves, and each other throughout the course of the 4 sessions over 6 months, culminating with a formal graduation ceremony on August 30th at FEMA Region X . The class included a mixture of thirty-two highly seasoned professionals and relative 'newcomers' in the profession, and provided a lively, no-fault exchange of diverse ideas, opinions and experiences. Thanks to the great instructors and the host staff for making it a worthwhile educational journey.

    Workplace Resilience

    Protecting your business and employees

    I'll help you craft your strategic framework for a comprehensive emergency management, business continuity, and crisis management planning that reflects your company's unique culture and brand voice. I'll also create engaging content and design actionable programs and processes that will help your employees, facilities, and stakeholders prepare for emergencies.



    Charles Sharp

    CEO Black Emergency Managers Association

    "Vince is one of the most talented creatives I've ever worked with. He is the rare combination of big picture thinker and skilled executional planner. He is one of the most respected voices in our profession, and has a passion for serving the interests of marginalized people."

    Dr. Jacqueline McBride

    Founder International Network of Women in Emergency Management

    Vince is a highly motivated, caring, and action-oriented person; who will deliver excellence in any endeavor he embraces. His passion and documented works for the underserved disaster survivors is a testimony of his leadership."


    Sean M. Scott

    Author - The Red Guide To Disaster Recovery

    "Vince is a visionary and thought leader in the world of emergency management, disaster preparedness, and resiliency. Having worked public and private sectors, Vince literally wrote the book on disaster resiliency and clearly understands what works and what doesn't."


    Books and publications I've authored


    Originally published in 2012, Lost and Turned Out outlines the issues and challenges of the underserved (below poverty, elderly, children, people of color, the disabled, limited English speakers and transportation challenged) citizens in disasters. Moreover it provides solutions on how to support disaster literacy and empower communities to care for themselves and create better outcomes.


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    Heritage Publishing

    A collaboration with National Tribal Emergency Management Council and other native stakeholders, the Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook was designed to provide a ready resource to prepare and plan for disasters. The Native American population faces unique challenges because many still live in austere conditions on remote reservations, where few have access to high speed internet services, The 66-page color Handbook provides quick tips, Native resources, and a family plan template. Click the Image To Order.

    Native Public Media

    Broadcasters in Indian country are often small operations with limited staff to produce, edit, and provide broadcast ready copy, especially during emergencies. In collaboration with Native Public Media, we developed the Emergency Communications Guidebook to help Native radio and TV outlets better prepare to go on air quickly when emergencies happen. The Guidebook includes script templates for most frequent major disasters, and a station emergency plan template. It serves as a training tool for new and current Native broadcasters.


    Click the Image for Native Public Media Website


    Here are a few of the outstanding partners we urge you to support

    Disaster Recovery

    Recovery Guidance and Information

    Often forgotten in the disaster cycle is preparing for recovery. Sean Scott's four decades of expertise in recovery and restoration is brought to bear in this definitive work which is a must have for anyone who has or will experience a disaster. Sean's thorough and complete guidance covers every aspect of what you need to know to be resilient. Brilliant! http://www.theredguidetorecovery.com

    Disaster Supplies

    Preparing and Equipping Communities

    More than providing disaster related items, Dean Reese's company truly understands the important intersection between need and effectiveness. They revolutionized seismic bracing products, water purification systems, and a host of other quality product offerings that meet the needs of families, businesses, and the community. http://www.readyamerica.com


    "Vince's passion for sharing knowledge is infectious, and he's a loyal advocate for the emergency management profession, an amazing researcher and a fun person to work with. I’d love to hear his energetic presentation again in a heartbeat! "

    (2019 DEMCON Attendee)


    DEMCON 2019 Toronto


    Kenneth R. Bibbins


    Remembering my dear friend and colleague

    In the many chapters of our personal and professional lives, few people leave a lasting impression. Kenneth R. Bibbins was one such special person for me and those who knew him. In our brief five year friendship, Kenneth and I shared a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of people in disasters.


    A New Orleans native, Kenneth survived hurricane Katrina and played a major role in the city's recovery. More importantly, he advocated for and worked tirelessly on initiatives and programs to help prepare children cope with the trauma of violence, neglect, abuse, and disaster trauma. Author of Hopper's Disaster Adventure Series, and creator of PrepBiz, a video gamification concept aimed at teaching children about disasters, Kenneth dreamed of a day when all kids would be protected in emergencies. He and I shared a bond and special friendship that I will cherish always. Kenneth's positive, can do spirit continues to be with me as I endeavor to carry out the dreams and hopes he pursued so passionately every day.


    Godspeed my dear friend and I'll see you on the other side.


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