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    Why Preparedness Matters

    Disasters are not something that happens to someone else.

    Disasters affect almost 250 million people annually and the numbers are rising. By 2017, this figure grew by more than 50% to an average of over 375 million people. A record 306 billion dollars was spent by the U.S. government on disaster recovery last year. This does not tell the whole story, however, about the human cost of disasters and trauma suffered by those who survive.


    In the United States every:

    • 55 minutes a residential fire occurs
    • 4.7 seconds wildfires destroy an acre of forest
    • 182.6 days an act of terrorism occurs
    • 219 days a hurricane occurs
    • 2.1 years a nuclear plant emergency occurs
    • Day earthquakes less than a magnitude of 2 occur
    • 22.8 hours a mudslide occurs

    The loss of life and property is especially hard felt in communities that have significant numbers of people living below poverty, disabled, seniors citizens, and children.


    What is Disaster Literacy?

    Most people have heard government agencies and others talk incessantly about getting a disaster kit and a plan. But there is much more to preparedness than that. Are you knowledgeable about how the disaster process works in your community? Do you understand the implications of being under insured? Are you aware of all the scams predators play on unsuspecting survivors? Do you know all the agencies that are available to help before, during, and after a disaster? Well-informed people are more likely to make good decisions, ones which can save your life and property.


    Preparedness Matters believes that "living prepared" means we must change our way of thinking when it comes to disasters and emergencies. True preparedness is not a single action, but rather a combination of educating, equipping, practical knowledge, and attitude. We are not survivalists, we believe that preparing for recovery is an equally important, but often forgotten aspect of getting ready.


    Our international network of subject-matter-experts can help you. We hope you'll join us in our effort to help you learn how to "live prepared."


    Vince Davis


    Preparedness Matters Network

  • What We Do

    Preparedness Matters is a Movement! We chase passions, not paychecks.


    Culturally Relevant Disaster Information

    Culturally relevant preparedness and recovery information through our network of trusted disaster experts with years combined experience working in underserved rural, urban, and suburban communities.


    Facts Matter

    Underserved communities are too often influenced by rumors, misinformation and gossip. We provide facts backed up by proven data. Ask our experts and follow our blog to get the truth about the latest news in natural and human-caused disaster planning, preparedness, and recovery.



    We'll deliver complete solutions to prepare your home, family, workplace, place of worship, or business. We can do a complete needs assessment and deliver quality solutions and recommendations in no time at all!

  • Our Vision

    We believe in finding and supporting the best entrepreneurs and practitioners across the world using technology for preparing and uplifting underserved populations and communities in disaster literacy and trauma informed solutions.

    Social Justice In Disasters

    To Ensure The Disaster System Treats Minority Underserved With Fairness

    In today's political climate, minorities risk being marginalized as collateral damage in disaster response and recovery. Incidents such as the intentional poising of Flint Michigan's water by public officials, the racially motivated massacre of nine churchgoers in Charleston South Carolina, and the systematic dismantling of environmental protections that threaten Native lands must be met with renewed resistance, activism, and action.


    Using Technology

    We work with the brightest emerging social enterprises to awaken innovation across the nation and around the world. Using game-based learning tools, our goal is to integrate emergency preparedness with trauma informed solutions leveraging today's technology.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Effectively Meet Social Challenges of Disasters

    We actively support strategic thinking and access to transformative resources to enable people below poverty, children, senior citizens, disabled, transportation and technology challenged individuals to overcome their fears by gaining disaster literacy. We turn victims into survivors.

  • Who We Serve

    We're dedicated to helping at-risk citizens prepare and recover.

    At-Risk Communities

    Preparing people to help themselves

    The need for culturally relevant disaster information and resources has never been greater. The gap in community disaster preparedness cannot be addressed without taking into account the unique cultures, traditions, and history of these communities, who suffer disproportionately during disasters. These are typically people below poverty, limited English speaking, those with limited technology access or literacy. Black, Latino, and Native citizens suffer disproportionately and are less likely to have access to recovery resources including mental health and trauma.

    Access and Functional Needs

    Senior Citizens, disabled, and transportation challenged

    These individuals lag far behind in programs, plans and processes to ensure their safety and security during disasters. Nursing facilities, senior living housing, services for those with cognitive disabilities. Emergency preparedness resources vary widely from community to community, leaving many citizens at-risk for danger.

    Children and Youth

    Youth are extremely vulnerable to trauma

    The short and long-term effects of trauma on children in disasters can have devastating impacts on mental health and social development. We recognize not only the dangers of untreated trauma on kids, but the necessity develop and promote trauma informed solutions that help them cope before a disaster or traumatic event.

  • Coming Soon


    Black communities in America are among the least prepared for disasters and emergencies, and the first to die or be displaced. Find out what you can do to prepare your family and community. Our survival depends on it! Submit your information below and you'll be eligible to receive a FREE



  • Meet Our Leadership Team

    Vincent B. Davis-CEM


    Mr. Davis is Corporate Manager of Workplace Resilience at Amazon, and a nationally recognized , emergency manager, author and consultant. In 2012 he wrote Lost and Turned Out - A Guide to Preparing Underserved Communities, which chronicled is experiences as a community relations supervisor at FEMA and regional manager with the American Red Cross. He also developed and managed disaster programs at Walgreen Co. and Sony PlayStation. In 2017 Mr. Davis authored the first ever Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook for Tribal Families, and the Emergency Guidebook for Broadcasters in Indian Country for Native Public Media.

    Eraina Davis-Ferguson

    Head of Media & Marketing

    Eraina Davis-Ferguson is a creative nonfiction writer and media marketing professional, currently penning a memoir about raising a daughter with autism and deafness. Her story was featured in “The New Haven Register” Her stories have been featured in Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune Now and other national publications. She holds an M.Ed in Education and an MAR in Religion from Yale University. Learn more about her here: HTTP://www.erainaferguson.com


    Kenneth R. Bibbins

    Managing Partner

    CEO of PrepBiz -US, Kenneth Bibbins is an entrepreneur, author, and creator of PrepBiz game-based trauma informed content for children. He recently authored the Adventures of Hopper Children's disaster literacy series which teaches youth ages 5-11 about disasters using culturally identifiable characters and stories base on his own childhood experiences in New Orleans. A clinical physiologist and trauma expert, he authored several books on childhood obesity. Mr. Bibbins led federal repatriation programs for residents returning from to the city after Hurricane Katrina.

    Learn more at http://www.prepbiz.us

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  • Featured Disaster Preparedness Resources

    We highly recommend these top notch resources!

    The Red Guide To Disaster Recovery

    The definitive resource for post-disaster resilience

    Author Sean Scott captures the essence of preparedness in this comprehensive guidebook that literally walks you through the recovery process. It covers topics dealing with government agencies, protecting and cleaning your home, and how to handle insurance claims and contractor scams. The Red Guide is a must have for every homeowner.

    Find out more or order yours today at HTTP://www.theredguidetorecovery.com


    Adventures of Hopper

    Children's disaster literacy book series

    This Children's disaster literacy series is a first-of-its kind publication that focuses on pr-disaster trauma for kids. A non-threatening, nonviolent child-friendly, educational series books with full color illustrations. Separate volumes available for Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Tornado, and Hurricane. Written by Kenneth Bibbins, the books intent is to humanize disasters in ways children can understand, so they will be less traumatized and fell more empowered when disaster strikes. Learn more or order today. Visit the website at HTTP://www.prepbiz.us

    Secrets of the Insurance Game

    Understanding how insurance really works

    This follow-up publication to the Red Guide written by restoration expert Sean Scott exposes the nuances of the insurance process and how to keep from becoming a double victim after a disaster or home emergency claim. Secrets of The Insurance Game dispels the myth that insurance companies are out to help you. Learn what you need to know to protect your property and what the insurance companies don't tell you about the claims process. Visit the website at HTTP://www.theredguidetorecovery.com

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